2021 6th International Symposium on Advances in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (ISAEECE 2021)

Dr. Patrice Salzenstein

Patrice Salzenstein.png

Dr. Patrice Salzenstein

Senior researcher, CNRS - FEMTO-ST Micro Nano Science & Systems department, France

Title: Design realization and characterization principles of an optical electronic device for photonics


Photonics applications require the ability to produce high-performance optical and electronic devices. In particular, opto-electronic oscillators must be produced. It is important that the performance in terms of phase noise is the lowest. We present here the design, the realization and the measurement of noise performance of oscillators based on mini optical resonator. This technology is based on the coupling of optical fibers to an optical resonator on the one hand, and to the detection of optical modulation signals on the other hand, and finally to the possibility of characterizing the level of phase noise of this type of oscillator.